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Relationships  Advice

A Watched Pot - A woman asks how to improve her partner's masturbation and low libido issues.

Building Amenities - An older woman is having sex with a young man in her building and he's sleeping with another one of their neighbors. She asks for good sex advice here.

Cheating Boyfriend - A girlfriend asks if her boyfriend is cheating since his online personals ad is still up.

Confused - A confused boyfriend asks why his girlfriend doesn't seem to respond to anything sexual.

Failure to Communicate - A girl does not want to have sex yet and asks how to communicate this in a way that won't let things go too far some night.

Girl Talk - A girl asks if she should stick around and listen to her friend, who she had sexual experiences with, tell her about all her new boyfriends and personal sexual experiences with them.

How to Date - A young male asks how to date when he becomes shy around attractive girls. What can he talk about and do to meet and date girls?

Husband Cheated - A woman asks how to deal with a husband who has dominating control issues since he cheated on her.

Lesbian Fight - Lesbian girlfriends broke up, still fight, and can't seem to leave each other alone.

Love and Like - How can someone know if it's really love or if it's just another like situation?

Lying About Virginity - I have been lying to my partner about my virginity. Should I tell her that I'm a virgin?

Misguided Male - Looking for a French male partner, this misguided man asks where to find one.

Mountains of Molehills - A woman's boyfriend loves large breasts and she doesn't want enlargement surgery.

On-and-Off Relationships - She has an on-and-off relationship with the man who stands her up. She asks if this is normal behavior and what to do about it.

Personal Magnetism - A woman describes a man's personal magnetism to be scary because he attracts so many women.

Porn and Self Esteem - A woman's self esteem  is lowered when her husband watches porn. How can she improve this situation?

Relationships  Articles

No Time For Sex? - Learn routine breakers to put sizzle back into your sex life.

Cheating Wives - All about cheating wives, including reasons why they cheat and how to know if she is not being faithful.

How to Have a Threesome - This article guides a couple in search for a third pair of hands to have a threesome or ménage a trois.

How to Meet Women - A resource to help men meet women and a guide to teach men how to behave to make a good first impression.

Insecure Wives - Insecure wives can really bother their partners, but some of these cases could be related to a medical condition that is treatable.

Marriage - For couples in a marriage who want to improve sex or rekindle the passion of the old days, this guides partners to an adventurous sexual journey.

The Nagging Wife - Coping with a nagging wife can be painful for a man. Read a few ways to deal with her.

Online Dating Safety Tips - If you are dating people online, it's important that you follow some basic safety tips so that you are safe and protected from predatory behaviors and individuals.

Swinging for Beginners - For those couples interested in becoming part of the swinging lifestyle, this will guide you with information about the lifestyle of swingers, what to expect, and where to find other swinging resources.

Relationships Reviews

How to Catch Your Cheating Mate - An e-book to help suspicious partners figure out if a mate is cheating.

Creative Dates - If you need low-priced creative date ideas, this book is full of them.

Dating - A guide to dating and casual sex.

Macking - A casual sex guide for the sexually active individual.

Romance - A guide to marriage proposals to romance her and male it an unforgettable, romantic memory.

Secrets About Men - Written specifically for women, this e-book is a dating a relationship guide and the author discusses how to understand men by learning the secrets about them.

Relationships Books

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Relationships How to DVDs & Videos
Nina Hartley's Guide to Couple's Sexploration

Nina Hartney's Guide to Swinging

More relationships how to videos & DVDs here.
Relationships Adult Websites
Warning: Adult Content

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